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Pour les fans de Prince et du Minneapolis Sound : Plus de passion, moins de prises de tête...
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 Jewel Delegall

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Her Royal Badness

Féminin Messages : 2782
Date d'inscription : 18/04/2009
Age : 38
Localisation : Does it matter? WOW!

MessageSujet: Jewel Delegall   Ven 8 Avr - 10:30

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TheBabyJewel Jewel Delegall

@jessjax No, just choreography! That works for me Wink

Jewel Delegall
TheBabyJewel Jewel Delegall
Finished my day inspiring kids, now I'm off to rehearsal for Prince's tour with @thetwinz @DonielleArtese & @InternationalG

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Biographie en anglais sur Myspace:

I was born in West Philly but my parents moved to Hollywood when I was only 2 months old...poor thing...I never had a chance at a normal life. Since then, I have lived in LA my entire life. I'm also an actress and a writer...It's fun being on the other side of the table. I love good conversation and enjoy a good debate. My friends and I have no problem going head to head. I have a very diverse family which I am very proud of...some blood related and some through marriage...which has allowed me to see people past their skin color and their religion...I do not discriminate. I'm open to new things, new people, and new experiences and attempt to put fear on the back burner when it comes to the choices I make in my life. An awesome day is working on set! Come on, when you make money from your art all you want is to never have to go to a regular job again! A good day is going to the beach, reading a great book, being quiet, then going and hanging out with friends (Casa Vega), and laughing until my stomach hurts. But I could just go to the beach and chill........There's nothing better than wearing your bathing suit all day with no reason to change out of it. My mission...to discover who I am on a deeper level and face my fears. To live my life the way I want to, no matter what they think or say
THE DANCER I started training as a young child but did my first actual professional job when I was 15. I worked on the film "Tap" starring Gregory Hines-my idol. My step-mother produced the film but I still had to audition. The late and very talented Henry LeTang choreographed. It was a pretty sweet first gig. I met Savion Glover on the set. It was amazing to see the torch being passed from Gregory to Savion right before my eyes. I continued to work in film and television and eventually moved to tours. I worked with artists such as Jasmine Guy, Martika, Kid 'n Play, Neil Young, Keenan Ivory Wayans, TLC, Brandy, LL Cool J, Snoop, Master P, Triniti, Rahsaan Patterson and some other folks too! Some funny jobs I worked on were "Don't Be a Menace", MTV Rock 'N Jock, Soul Train many times with various artists and Jr. Star Search (LOL!!!). The jobs or artists I am most proud of because of the difference or impact they had on my life are "Tap," Martika 'european tour', LL Cool J, and "Their Eyes Were Watching God." I am still working as a dancer. If you can still do it, why not?
THE ACTRESS I've always kind of felt like an actress by nature because I grew up with many actors around me, lived on set and in the theater as a child with my father, and always had a love for actors in general. I did my first commercial for Buick Regal when I was 3 years old with my Dad. As a kid, I did plays through elementary and high school and took a few classes in college but it wasn't until I was out of school that I decided to get serious about getting a technique. I began taking class at the Victory Theater in Burbank under Maria Gobetti and Tom Ormeney and studied Meisner for 3 years. Since then, I've been busy doing what most actors do - agents, auditions, plays, commercials and still working towards that first major booking.

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Jewel Delegall
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